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Nat Christian studied filmmaking in college.  He was asked by classmates to act in their student projects.  He then studied with some of the top acting coaches in the industry and was soon cast in local plays, receiving critical acclaim and awards, and landed running roles on TV including “General Hospital”, “The Young and the Restless”, “Days of Our Lives.”

Actor, Jerry Orbach (Law and Order), read one of Nat’s screenplays,”California Casanova” (MGM Home Video), and offered to play the lead role in it, which brought about the independent financing.  Nat also directed the movie.  He was then asked to direct the production company’s other feature, a zany comedy, “Club Fed” (MGM Home Video).

Nat directed and produced “For Heaven’s Sake” (2008; Vanguard Cinema), starring Florence Henderson, Allison Lange, David Paetkau.  The movie received an official selection at various film festivals.

Nat’s existential screenplay, “Channels” (2009; Vanguard Cinema), which he directed, produced and starred in, featured Ed Asner, Kim Oja, John Kassir, Taylor Negron and Joan Van Ark. Channels was an official selection at various film festivals.  Nat received the auteur award at the WSFF.

Nat wrote, directed and produced “Monday Morning” a socio-political drama set within the context of a Minnesota political campaign and the harsh realities of Los Angeles’s homeless community.  Monday Morning received a limited theatrical release at Laemmle Theaters.  Because of its very graphic depictions and general philosophy of the homeless situation, Monday Morning (not rated) caused a polarizing effect, off-putting with some viewers, while highly praised by others for the very same elements. Monday Morning won the “Best Feature Film Award at the Long Island Film Festival, as well as being in the Official selection at others. It received wide distribution in May 2013 by Vanguard Cinema/Anderson Digital.

Along with his fourteen screenplays, Nat also story consulted on “The Duke” (Buena Vista). Nat wrote the feature “700 Hill” for Monterrey Pictures, which is in development.

Nat resides in Los Angeles and Minneapolis




Monday Morning movie review - Nat Christian directing 2


Monday Morning movie review - Los Angeles, Nat Christian

  DIRECTOR . . .

“Monday Morning” – Vanguard Cinema (Starrring Victor Browne, Molly Kidder, Jessica Spotts, Nat Christian)

“Channels”   –  Vanguard Cinema  (Starring – Kim Oja, Ed Asner, Nat Christian, Joan Van Ark)

“For Heavens Sake”  –  Vanguard Cinema  (Starring – Florence Henderson, Allison Lange, David Paetkau, Stephanie Patton)

“California Casanova”  –  MGM Home Video  (Starring – Jerry Orbach, Ken Kercheval, Audrey Landers, Tyrone Power Jr.)

“Club Fed”  –  MGM Home Video  (Starring Lance Kinsey, Burt Young, Karen Black, Judy Landers, Allen Garfield, Sherman Hemsley)

“The Conversation”  –  (High Def Short)

“Gypsy”  –  (Film Short)


Monday Morning Poster 4MONDAY MORNING – Trailer

Channels BulletinCHANNELS – Trailer

forheavenssake_preFOR HEAVEN’S SAKE – Trailer


CLUB FED - ThumbCLUB FED – Opening Sequence





WRITER (partial list) . . .

“Monday Morning” – Vanguard Cinema (sold – produced)

“Channels”  –   Vanguard Cinema (sold – produced)

“Echoes”  –  Palisades Pictures  (on assignment in development)

“700 Hill”  –  Monterrey Pictures (on assignment; in development)

“1st Dog”  –  Applecreek Comm. (sold; in development)

“The Duke”  –  (Story Consultant) Buena Vista / Keystone  (sold – produced)

“California Casanova”  –   MGM Home Video  (sold – produced)


So Sue Me”©


The Angel Sounded”©


The Last Ride”©

Passing Through”©

The Show©  (TV)

“October”©  (treatment)

“Dust”©  (treatment)

Perception”  (Sold)


ACTOR (recent roles) 

“Monday Morning” (Lead) – Vanguard Cinema
“Channels”  (Lead)  –   Vanguard Cinema

Nat Christian

CLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in scenes from “MONDAY MORNING”  and “CHANNELS

Nat Christian throwing Kim Oja out in CHANNELSCLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in some scenes from “CHANNELS



 Acting roles from his early TV days (partial list) . . .

“General Hospital”  (Lead/Recurring)  –   ABC
The Young and the Restless”  (Lead/Recurring)  –  CBS
“King Kong Lives” (Co-Star) – Feature / DeLaurentis
“The New Mickey Spillane”  (Co-Star)  –  ABC
“Days of Our Lives”  (Lead/Recurring)  –  NBC
“The Meeting”  (Lead)  –  short;  Miracle Productions
Various Episodic TV
“Mirror, Mirror”  (Lead)  –   Industrial; Kiwa Productions
“High Def Frame”  (Lead)  –   short;  HDCam Productions

THEATER(partial list):

* ”Naomi Court”  (Harper)  –  Pilot Theater, Los Angeles
“Country and Western”  (Jeb Marlowe)  –  49th ST. Theater, New York – Off-Broadway
“Detective Story”  (Charlie)  –  Tracy Roberts Theater, Los Angeles
“The Zoo Story”  (Jerry)  –  Tour; UCLA, USC, Pierce, Chino, Barnsdale
* Recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Logue Award for Outstanding Performance.

Clips from early his early TV days

Nat Christian - General Hospital - ThumbCLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in a few scenes from GENERAL HOSPITAL

Nat Chistian - Young and the Restless - ThumbCLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in a few scenes from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS

Nat Christian - LATERCLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in a couple of scenes from L.A.T.E.R.

Nat Christian - DOOLCLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in a few scenes from DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Nat Christian - THE LAST PRECINCTCLICK TO VIEW Nat Christian in a scene from THE LAST PRECINCT