5/23/10  FILL ‘ER UP © by Nat Christian  – – –

An oil company drills in a U.S. gulf and there is an oil leak, which will be devastating to the ecology of the U.S. and, perhaps by a chain reaction, eventually to the whole planet.

This business of drilling for oil is very interesting.

Whether one has a Darwinistic or a theological point of view, it is probably fair to say that they would believe that there is a clear purpose for everything that exists.

Everything on and in the earth itself has a purpose.

Each animal serves a purpose to the whole ecological chain.

Everything in the human body has a purpose.  Organs, cells, enzymes, our veins, our nervous system, our blood… our fluids.  There is a reason why they are there.  Some things we may not understand yet, but there is a reason.

Our bodies contain fluids to allow our bodies to function.  Water makes up about 65 percent of our bodies.  Blood, which is mostly made of water, delivers fuel and oxygen to our cells, to carry carbon dioxide and other waste products among other functions.  A fluid, like synovial fluid, acts as a lubricant for our joints.

If someone didn’t know about the function of a certain fluid in the human body and they slowly removed some of the fluid from the body, there surely would be consequences to the body.

Back to earth.  There are reasons why the earth is structured the way it is.  We may not know what the purposes of certain parts of it are, but there is a reason.

Earth’s Oil, coming from so called dead organisms from way back when, has a reason to be there, although we may not yet know what the oil’s reason for being is to the planet.

So when we extract it, we may be affecting earth’s functions, much like we would be affecting our body’s functions if one were to extract let’s say… that synovial fluid stuff or blood or water from our bodies.  Low synovial fluid will cause extreme pain in the joints, because they will rub against each other.

Earthquakes?  The weather?  Vulcanic eruptions?

So, let me get this straight.  Oil is a fluid in our earth.  It is profitable to the small number of companies that drill for it and to the countries that export it.  Oil sits under the ground of countries with borderlines.  I suppose if we are going to talk “ownership”, then that oil should belong to the people.  In the U.S. – American citizens.  “Government of the people, by the people for the people.”  Yet, an oil company drills for the oil on U.S. land – our land, then sells our oil back to us at insanely inflated prices?  Even a foreign oil company can drill and pump out our oil, then process it and sell it back to us.  And recently, a foreign company causes a devastating oil spill.  Almost as devastating is the fact that they have caused our politicians to structure the laws so that the same oil company is in charge of the solution.

We need oil.  As a society we have morphed to the point where we not only crave it for productivity and profit, we need it.  We need it so badly that we may get more than we wish for.  We may look at our planet and ourselves covered in it, and then we might just say “No more.  We need an alternative or nothing at all.”  And then it may be too late.