Thomas Bach, a popular right-wing radio talk-show host and a hero of
the Tea Party Movement is on top of his game. When he is
handpicked to run for the U.S. Senate, he quickly flies to
Los Angeles to clean up some damaging indiscretions.

On the morning afterwards, Thomas Bach wakes up
without his memory on the streets of Los Angeles.

He is unaware that he is a diabetic. A victim of
an attack, he now wanders skid row, blending in
with the homeless population, and without medication,
his life is at risk. As he experiences the violence, hardship,
courage and humanity of the homeless community,
a previously unseen compassionate Thomas Bach emerges.

A week later, Thomas regains his memory and quickly
returns home, a hero of the media. Although a great story for
his campaign, his experiences now conflict with his political
rhetoric. Bach must face a choice between career and conscience.