BO (uplifting, romantic comedy)

Tomboy to beautiful woman, Bo Bonente has football in her blood.  To the surprise of her father, it is Bo, 21, rather than his son, who lives out his dream of becoming a pro.

SO SUE ME (ballsy courtroom comedy)

When two relationship misfits find each other, is it love at first sight, or a disaster waiting to happen?

“Commitment” is a four-letter word’ to charming, womanizing, but ineffective attorney, Leo, and to never-date-a-guy-more-than once, fun-loving, Kimberly — that is until they meet and fall instantly for one another.   Without reservation, Kimberly totally commits herself to him forever and ever.   Leo, scared, retreats. When Kim leaves him for another guy, Leo wakes up to the fact he’s losing the best thing to ever happen in his life — love — even though it means accepting the mundane things like taking out the trash.  Leo begs Kim to give him another chance.  She refuses, saying, “So sue me.”

Leo does…. drags her and the bizarre, but touching witnesses, into court and despite the courtroom chaos, his being both client & his own counsel, it’s Leo’s most brilliant case to date.  The verdict?  True love wins in the end.

MONDAY (a man’s journey through L.A.’s brutal soul opening homeless arena)

Thomas Bach, an opinionated right-wing radio commentator in Minneapolis, has everything going for him.  Upscale, making a good living, a great job.    He feels he deserves his comfortable life, because he earned it.  He worked his way up and now, although a diabetic, life is great.  He’s about to cross a bridge to higher places in his career.   He meets Katherine Sands.  Katherine works in the campaign office of a senator whom Thomas is going to run against.   Thomas and Katherine fall in love.  But, life has different plans for Thomas.  Through a circumstance, Thomas has a memory loss and is smack in the middle of L.A.’s homeless community during the bitter December cold.   And he is not taking his insulin – his medical time bomb ticks away, threatening to take his life in the streets.    Thomas’s journey gives him a perspective at complete odds with how he saw things before.   It is a brutal battlefield, worse than being in the jungle, because at least in the jungle the living know what to look out for and how to cope with it.  They have a chance, based on their instincts.  Thomas’s journey brings him to a point in his life where he realizes that his true nature is one suited more for compassion, sacrifice and grace.  However, his conditioning beckons him to be secure, safe and to look the other way.  What Thomas ultimately decides to do with his newly discovered perspective is dealt  with honestly.

THE ANGEL SOUNDED (frightening supernatural horror)

Through a complex uttering of “Tongues” by an Elder of a church, the Fifth Angel  (as written in the Bible) opens the gates of hell.  Satan possesses the body of Catherine, a  beautiful young woman.  She kills and cajoles to get people out of her way in order to achieve her mission, to get the Elder to re-enact what he uttered in “Tongues.”  Her  husband, a computer genius, becomes suspicious, and through incredible calculations,  comes up with answers.   He rushes to save his father and destroy his wife.

INTRIGUING – (romantic espionage thriller)  –  *1st 20 PAGES ONLY as a sample

Intelligence Agent, Nora, sophisticated, yet vulnerable, goes on the run after she pulls off a nerve-shattering assignment and realizes that one of her superiors may be a menacing double agent.   She meets Tom, who is running away from his civilian job, and they, under dangerous circumstances, try to figure out who’s doing what at the highest of government security agencies.





700 HILL